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Breeding and Selling Registered Chincoteague Ponies

Located in Endicott, NY we breed, raise and sell Registered Chincoteague ponies. These ponies originally come from Assateague and Chincoteague islands off the coast of Maryland and Virginia. They run wild on Assateague and some are sold anuually on Chincoteague to keep the population on the island under control. These ponies average about 13 to 14 hands and are actually more like small horses. They are strong and athletic and suitable for many uses.

Registered Chincoteague Stud Service

We presently stand 2 registered Chincoteague stallions...a Double Dilute and a Black Tobiano

Sales of Registered Chincoteague Ponies

We currently have six 2007 foals,  2 yearling fillies, a 2 yr old filly and 2 mature mares FOR SALE...

We also offer a service to purchase a chincoteague foal at next years pony swim and auction and deliver to you at your farm!

Chincoteague ponies...a short history...

Chincoteague (pronounced "shinko - teeg") ponies are "wild"ponies whose breeding has been primerily left to natural selection.  They tend to look like like Welsh Ponies or small Arabians with some definately looking like Mustangs.  Both Arabians and Mustangs have been added to the herd, but surprisingly, the Mustangs introduced to the herd were unable to handle the harsh environment and most died.  

Chincoteagues typically have beautiful flowing manes and tails.  The ponies range from around 13 to 14 hands tall with adults weighing approximately 700-800 pounds and they come in a variety of colors and are often pinto.  They have bold eyes, broad chest, well angulated shoulders, and powerful legs which give the correct impression that they are a powerful natural breed that has survived through a relatively unhampered process of natural selection.  The horses are now considered an official breed and they have their own official registry at the Chincoteague Pony Association (CPA) located on Chincoteague Island.  The ponies are actually found on Assateague Island, which is one mile wide and thirty seven miles long.  The island is separated from Chincoteague Island by Assateague Channel.  Over 150 Chincoteague ponies inhabit the marshes and wooded areas of the Assateague National Wildlife Refuge, which is 9500 acres on the Virginia end of Assateague Island.

Part of the mystique of the ponies is due to the unanswered question: How did these ponies get onto the Island? Local folklore offers at least three tales. One has the horses arriving from a sixteenth century Spanish galleon shipwreck, another suggests that the horses were put their by pirates to be corralled, and the third attributes their presences to Colonial Virginia framers attempting to avoid taxes or having to put up fences.

2004 Palomino Pinto Colt SOLD

The colt pictured below was from our first crop of Chincoteague Ponies born here.  He was born April 28, 2002   SOLD
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